Spiritual Growth Is About Releasing

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Butterflies are free to fly!

Spiritual growth has less to do with how much about you can add to your life to enhance it but more about letting go and releasing what no longer serves you. Spiritual growth is more like gently pulling away from the gentle layers of the onion until we get to the very essence of our being. Your true beauty lies at your cores, the beauty of your soul which is pure unconditional love. Discovering our pure authentic self requires stripping away the layers of who we thought we were and how we define happiness and success spiritual protection items.

It's okay to be spiritual and successful but if you define success by how much money you have, what title you have, or how big of a house you have, you are missing the whole point. When you can redefine success as having a pure heart, a willingness to make a difference and a life full of love and passion with a strong spiritual connection, then you will be truly successful. Once you can realize you are already perfect complete and whole with or without money and that financial success will enhance your life and not define it you will become abundant in many ways.

Letting go of our ego is usually the first pre-requisite to spiritual evolution. It is also the most painful. Our ego not wanting to give up its position of protecting us and making us feel self-important, will usually go kicking and screaming. The process of breaking down and releasing the ego can be a painful and humbling experience, to say the least. It's when we can shed our ego and realize our connection with our source that we come to realize how truly special we are. It's our soul connection we are trying to achieve.

Letting go of attachments is also played a big factor in spiritual growth. As we release our attachments to people, places, and things that no longer serve us we are free to adopt a life of peace and simplicity. Releasing attachments creates room for more loving situations and people to come into our life. Letting go means listening to your heart and following your unique path. The more we grow spiritually, the more authentic we become.

Relationships frequently have to go as we evolve spiritually. If you are on a different path than your spouse or significant other, or your rifts are growing deeper and wider, it can be necessary to let them go. The same is true for friends and family that are either toxic or not supportive. As we grow spiritually we crave more peace and harmony and choose to be with people who can love us unconditionally, support us, and accept us for who we are. Love sometimes means saying goodbye.
Letting go of clutter is essential to spiritual growth. Again we tend to crave simplicity and letting go of the old you, books, items, and junk that no longer reflect your higher consciousness is also important. Clutter blocks our spiritual path and getting rid of it frees your energy. Letting go of clutter frees space so you can surround yourself with more beauty and positive energy.