Section-wise analysis of XAT 2020 section

XAT 2020 examination is just a few months, and there are high chances of a rise in the difficulty level. According to the latest analysis, the Verbal Ability (VA) and Logical Reasoning (LR) questions will be quite difficult. This is for sure that VA and LR questions in the XAT 2020 will surprise all the test-takers. The decision making questions will also be tricky in the upcoming XAT examination.
In simpler words, the difficulty of the XAT 2020 examination will be moderate to difficult.Therefore XAT 2020 will be quite challenging for the test-takers. But we are always here to help all the management aspirants. This is the perfect time to attempt mock tests. Next, our quick yet effective analysis will give you a clear picture about the XAT section.

Brief introduction of the XAT 2020 exam pattern

·         XAT 2020 will be an online-based management entrance examination.
·         The General Knowledge (GK) section of XAT doesn’t follow the negative marking scheme.
·         XAT 2020 features multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with five options.
·         Due to the rise in difficulty level, aspirants will experience changes in the cutoff marks. There will be a rise in the cutoff percentile this year.
·         There are total of 4 sections in the XAT 2020 examination. These four sections are-  General Knowledge (GK), Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (QA/DI), Verbal Ability, and Logical Reasoning (VA/LA), and Decision Making (DM).
·         XAT 2020 allows students to drop 8 questions. But there is a reduction of 0.05 mark on every unattempted question.
·         Test-takers can submit their examination paper just after 30 minutes of the test commencing time.

XAT 2020 paper analysis


Easy questions

Total number of questions

Level of difficulty

Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
26 to 28 questions
16 to 18 questions
Easy to moderate
Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning
15 to 17 questions
25 to 27 questions
Moderate to difficult
General Awareness
12 to 15 questions
23 to 25 questions
Easy to moderate
Decision Making
15 to 17 questions
20 to 22 questions
Easy to moderate

Analysis of Decision Marking and Analytical Reasoning

·         The difficulty level of this section will be similar to previous years. In simpler words, the questions will be less tricky, and students should grab maximum marks from this section. To excel in this section, test-takers should at least attempt 17 to 20 questions.
·         Questions in this section will not be based much on mathematics. There are high chances that 5 to 8 questions will be repeated from previous year question papers. Aspirants should attempt maximum mock tests to crack this section.

Analysis of Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning

·         Questions in the Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability will be quite difficult than the previous year. The difficulty level of this section will be moderate to difficult. The most challenging part of this section is the Verbal questions. Questions in VA and LR will be highly-time consuming, and students have to prepare well.
·         Students should be consistent will xat mock tests. Apart from that, intensive practice is the key to success. In simpler words, a student should attempt 15 to 80 questions with atleast 70% accuracy level. 

Analysis of Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

·         This section will also be more challenging than the previous year. Last year, this QA and DI were too confusing, and a number of students couldn’t score well. But, don’t worry; you just have to prepare questions based on Coordinate geometry, Arithmetic, Trigonometry, and Algebra. Questions are mostly based on these topics.
·         A part from these complex topics, your basics should also be clear. A student should at least 18 to 20 questions with at least 70% accuracy level. Prepare well and try to solve this section within 06 minutes.

Best of Luck for XAT 2020!