Can you get special thumbnails for Facebook?

YouTube and Facebook are two most giants of the social media world nowadays. Just like a good poster attracts all the movie goers, a good video on a social site attracts views and likes which is the basis of popularity of anyone attempting to establish themselves on the digital world. YouTube provides a platform for various purposes like marketing of new start-ups and business plans, education of the society by providing tutorials and discussions of all the topics which are known and unknown for the users, entertainment of the mass by showing movies and series and any such imaginable task which human does. It is a medium by which all the unknown gems of the world showcase their talent and benefit economically as well as socially. Facebook linker youtube online free has become one of the most important tools for getting popularity and views

The main key points of a special thumbnail are:
  • Precise texts which aptly describe the video content
  • Proper resolution and size of the image
  • Adjusting to any screen size
  • Catchy thumbnail with contrast fonts, colours and designs which can immediately catch the attention of viewers
  • Branding of the thumbnail since brands are major eye catchers
  • Must do is A/B test which helps determine that which image will generate how many views

The most dynamic and reliable site for facebook linker youtubeis which never fails to impress its users by providing them an immediate and legal conversion of YouTube videos and linking it to Facebook. The website lets user paste the YouTube video link by selecting the drop down option for YouTube to Facebook linker and adds the desired details as text which must be displayed with the video description. The user can also add an image according to their wish. Then, the app converts it, makes it compact and provides the thumbnail in the best possible designed way, exclusively for Facebook posts. After that, we get the download option which allows user to download the thumbnail in any format be it jgp, gif, mp3, mp4, aam, wma and the user can use it whenever they want to. More attractive thumbnail generates more views and hits which ultimately serves the purpose of the video maker. They can generate revenue from both YouTube and Facebook.

When users get more views on their videos, it goes up the search rankings for both Google and YouTube so there is more of a chance of it being seen by even more people.  If the video is popular enough, YouTube will also give it a recommendation which means that even more people have a chance to see it. Often, marketers direct videos from YouTube to Facebook and other sites, which increase their appearance on search windows. Thus, it is necessary to use that tool and by that, we can generate more viewers which will eventually benefit the maker in the long run in every way it can.