How to Care for Wooden American Flags & Paintings

Reclaimed wood for several years has had a history and used for several structures and building projects right from the 18th Century to the 20th Century.  The wood is often the reusable one and recycled to meet the needs of today’s eco-friendly businesses and homes. However, another common trend among most homes is to use to wooden American Flags & Paintings incorporating them into interior decorations.

For most people, a great challenge is to care for the wooden wall art they invest in, as you read on below, we would like to guide you on how you can care for the quality wooden art flag that you purchase. First, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should have reclaimed art American Flag paintings in your home.

Wooden American Flag

They Beautify an Interior

The first obvious reason to invest in quality wooden American flags is that they enhance the appearance of an interior. They add more colors to spaces and give it a fine finish. In most homes, where American flags are common on their walls, they give the room a vibrant look and show that you are a true patriot.

They Are Unique

Using reclaimed wood arts in your home mean that the wood comes from the forest and eventually ends in your home. However, you should know that reclaimed wood actually has an interesting history. It comes from old barns and even some shipping crates all the way from Asia. When you choose American Echoes reclaimed wooden wall arts, they will add more uniqueness to your home.

They Are Durable

Compared to other options like virgin wood, reclaimed is much more durable on the hardness scale. The main reason for this is that reclaimed wood often comes all the way from forests and even generations of old trees that are often stronger. Hence, reclaimed wood is actually more durable it doesn’t shrink and warp.

Caring For Reclaimed Wooden American Flags & Paintings

When it comes to caring for reclaimed wood, you need to protect the paintings. Prevent touching or handling the painting as much as possible. Excessive handling or touching of the paintings can actually wear down the paintings and oils from your skin can settle on the surface of the wood.

Keep in mind that moisture and heat may damage the finish of the wood. You can protect the wall art from moisture by using a soft cloth to wipe it away. You should also avoid the use of rough objects across the wooden finish. Keep in mind that the wood may expand with changes in the humidity level.  To prevent damage from the humidity levels, you should maintain the humidity levels in the room.

In addition, you should note that sunlight and air could also change the natural wood color. Make sure you put up the frame in an area that is free from direct sunlight to ensure the wall art remains free from any damages.

It is also advisable that you care for the wooden furniture based on the finish. You can use some wood cleaner to keep the interior of the wood surfaces intact. Use a clean cloth to wipe the frame dry. You should also dust the carvings every now and then; dust them using a feather duster or a soft duster.

Always ensure that you avoid wooden American Flags & Paintings from coming under the effects of extreme weather conditions. Note that the wood finished or not will absorb everything it finds in its surroundings. Note that excessive dryness may cause the wood to shrink, and split it from different sections due to a lack of sufficient moisture.

However, having excessive moisture will cause the wood to swell and it will also lead to splits and cracks. Make sure you keep the frames away from direct exposure to conditioning vents and heating vents because they end up creating a difference in the temperature that is extreme for the wall art.

American Flags & Paintings Always Show Your Patriotic Side

The use of American flags & paintings is necessary to have in almost every American home. They show that you are a true patriot and stand by all the efforts of long gone heroes, who fought their way to make America what it is today. When it comes to American flag wall arts and paintings, the options are unlimited. You can also choose military flags, which will serve as reminders to everyone that visits your home that soldiers were not alone during tough times.

Follow these few care tips and you are sure that your interior will look great, and add some patriotic touch to your home. Reclaimed wood is always the best choice when it comes to decorating interiors, so you should make sure that you choose the best option and ensure proper care and maintenance to keep them looking new at all times.