Can Breast Implants Rupture Post Breast Augmentation?

The women who go through the breast augmentation surgery often do so to get bigger sized implants. Each implant type comes with its own distinctive design, which lasts longer for several years. Improvements and modern innovations in modern science make it easier and flexible for implants to withstand the stress and activities of daily chores for many years now.

Compared to the first ever type of implants, in the 1960’s, women feel a lot more confident and happy that their implants can stay firm in place for years to come. However, in some other cases, if the implant quality is not right, this can lead to sudden ruptures. In rare cases, this is something that happens unexpectedly, even before implants their complete life.

In case your breast implant ruptures after the breast augmentation in Atlanta, you should know that it means there’s a small hole or tear on the outer shell of the implant. You should know that most types of breast implants have capsules or scar tissue layer that surrounds the implants. Such implants are permeable to saline and not silicone implants. Hence, the saline may end up leaking and it will absorb in the body. When this happens, the implant will then flatten out over a week.

On the other hand, if a silicone implant ruptures, the breast size will not shrink because the scar layer tissue then contains silicone.

The Reasons Why Implants Rupture

Although there are no actual or particular means to be sure, of why implants rupture, the only possible answer that board-certified surgeons have, such as those at Crispin Plastic Surgery is that the implants experience wear and tear. Usually, the average lifespan of the implant only depends on the implant type, but often this can last for about 15 years.
There are several reasons why implants may rupture, and the common reasons include:
·         Aging of the implants outer shell or the capsule
·         Stress and sometimes trauma to the implants from strenuous physical activities
·         Overfilling or underfilling of the breast implants

·         At the time of the surgery, improper handling of the breast implants by the surgeon. This is why you should only choose a board certified surgeon.

What Happens When Each Implant Type Ruptures

Let’s look at what happens to each implant type when it ruptures.

Saline Implant Rupture

If you choose a saline breast implant, then detecting a rupture is quite easy because it will appear smaller as it deflates. This depends on the size of the rupture, and the size of the break. If it is a large or a small leak, you will end up noticing a change in the breast size. In most cases, this is a fast process, where the saline would leak and eventually, the body absorbs it.

Rupturing of Silicone Implants

When silicone implants rupture, it is not easy to diagnose and see it. When it does rupture, the breast capsule then traps the layer within. Hence, there is no sudden or noticeable change in the breast size. When these implants experience a rupture, the term given to it is “silent implant rupture.” The exposed silicone will then irritate the scar tissue, which hardens the implants and changes the shape of the breast implants. In severe cases, tenderness, pain, or capsular contractures are the two common problems that may develop.
In the case of silent ruptures, the best way to know is through an MRI, which will help to evaluate the size of the implants and the condition. FDA often recommends that women who choose these implants should have an MRI scan at least for the next three years of their breast augmentation surgery.

Addressing the Problem

Over the years, advancements in cosmetic surgery options don’t put you at any risk or lead to severe health problems. However, at any time, if you feel that your implants are not in the best shape, you should consult an experienced plastic surgeon that should work on the problem and perform a revisionary surgery.
This also depends on your anatomy or figure desires. Several options are available when it comes to the sizes of the implants. Rest assured that during the revisionary procedure, surgeons could replace the implant that has any rupture with new ones or perform a complete breast lift surgery.
You should know that going for a revisionary surgery is a good decision; you can ask your surgeon for any of the possible changes that you desire. Before you decide to opt for breast augmentation in Atlanta, you should clear all your doubts with your surgeon and follow all the necessary care tips to ensure a speedy recovery.